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2017 Ė 2018 Annual Report of :

This is the 3rd annual report of CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION; encompassing 2017-2018.

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION pursued itís goal of assisting the general public during a time of household disaster by reaching out to as many individuals and families that it became aware of that had suffered a house based calamity (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATIONíS initial goal was to give immediate assistance/information regarding the need for free, short- term emergency housing, and other immediate emergency needs (getting house secured, whether or not they have insurance, and other assistance as possible).

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATIONíS secondary goal was to provide free information regarding many aspects of what to do when there has been a devastating fire, flood, etc. in their home. CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION had 341 house site meetings to give information and assistance to victims. They set up 63 free emergency services for homeowners. CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION did reach out and e-mail 271 free booklets and give their website, information and other helpful website information to over 200 victims. In some cases, CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM helped homeowners get emergency medications (from current prescriptions-lost in the fire), coordinating with doctors and pharmacies in the process. When possible, CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION assisted in procuring emergency housing for the victims and their pets.

In response to the Tubbs fire in Sonoma, CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM and itís partners volunteered 2 full days to work at the fairgrounds to assist in caring for the animals that were being boarded. They printed and provided to local homeowners over 200 hard copy booklets about what to do when youíve had a fire. They also set up a Social Media site with information and free assistance to any persons impacted by the fires in any way.