2021 Ė 2022 Annual Report of :

This is the 7thth annual report of CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION; encompassing 2021-2022.

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION pursued our goal of assisting the general public during a time of household disaster by reaching out to as many individuals and families that it became aware of that had suffered a home based calamity (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATIONíS initial goal is to give immediate assistance/information regarding the need for free, short- term emergency housing, and other immediate emergency needs (getting house secured, whether or not they have insurance, and other assistance as possible).

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATIONíS secondary goal is to provide free information regarding many aspects of what to do when there has been a devastating fire, flood, etc. in their home.

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION had 376 in house site meetings to give information and assistance to victims. We set up 65 free emergency services for homeowners.

CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION did reach out and e-mail 248 free booklets and give their website, information and other helpful website information to over 185 victims. In some cases, CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM helped homeowners get emergency medications (from current prescriptions-lost in the fire). When possible, CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION assisted in procuring emergency housing for the victims and their pets, specifically looking up hotels for 22 families with pets as well.

We also assist tenants with no insurance in finding local services for different types of free aid including housing, clothing and meals, using services such as Salvation Army.

We also maintain a Social Media site with information and free assistance to any persons impacted by the fires in any way.

For Public Review: Third-party standard for Annual Reporting of CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION

The third-party standard chosen for Catastrophe Assistance Team Corporation was prepared by Terrence Dunne. Mr. Dunne has himself, and also has access to the necessary expertise required to assess the overall corporate social and environmental performance of CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION.

Mr. Dunne has requested a 30 day period for the proposed standard to be posted on the CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION website to allow for public comment on the proposed third-party standard.

There is no financial or governance relationship between CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION, itís board of directors, officers or material owners and Terrence Dunne.

The following is the proposed Third Party Standard for CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION, from Mr. Terrance Dunne:

1) Assess the effect of the business and itís operations on: (a) itís employees and/or or contract labor (b) the customers, or beneficiaries of the general and/or specific benefit purpose (c) the local community, including all suppliers (d) the local environment

2) The criteria considered when measuring performance will include the following: (a) the overall number of contacts successfully made, and information given verbally (i.e. free temporary housing, website, questions, etc.) (b) the number of free booklets sent out (c) the number of free emergency services performed (by property) (d) the overall number of persons assisted in any form (e) circumstances that hindered the general or specific public benefit by CATASTROPHE ASSISTANCE TEAM CORPORATION.

3) Each criteria shall have equal weight.