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C.A.T. Testimonials

"....... I thank you for your timely support and the very useful booklet after my recent house fire. Your objective information, and your willingness to answer my questions late that evening helped me see through the high pressure sales tactics of the fire chasers who were literally knocking on my door within an hour of the fire. "

"Although I did not use the restoration company you sent me I believe they are well qualified........"

Stu Orton
Lancaster, CA


We are a Benefit Corporation

Created by the Corporate Flexibility Act of 2011, the California Benefit Corporation is a corporate form specifically designed for social enterprises to pursue both for-profit and non-profit objectives. Benefit Corporations allow corporate officers and directors to take into account the triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet when making business decisions.

A Benefit Corporation’s articles of incorporation must state that the corporation is a Benefit Corporation, and that one of its purposes is to create a general public benefit. As such, a company obligates itself to create a general public benefit by becoming a Benefit Corporation. A Benefit Corporation may additionally include any “specific public benefit” adopted by the corporation in its articles.