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Your Guide to Surviving a House Fire - A fire in your home can cause a lot of damage. What may not be damaged by the flames, heat or smoke was likely damaged by the water used to put out the fire. Firefighters may have cut holes in your walls or roof to make sure the fire was completely extinguished and/or to ventilate smoke and heat.

Cleaning up the damage will take time. Although the fire is out, you can still get sick from the soot, chemicals, and dirty water left behind. Your safety and the safety of your family are very important. You will not be able to re-enter your home without a certificate of occupancy (COO). You will likely need to find temporary housing. There will be many decisions to make in the days and weeks following your house fire.

This web site and related materials are your guides to not only survive, but to thrive after a major catastrophe such as a house fire or flood. We understand that having your home damaged is one of the most stressful events that can happen.

Get additional tips on managing the stress after a fire HERE.


      My Fire Information - Print a helpful guide to get organized when faced with a loss from a fire. CHECKLIST

What you need to know immediately after a house fire - Temporary housing, insurance claims and repair services are just some of issues to address after a fire. INFO

House fire damage resources - You’ve survived the initial shock of your house fire and taken care of the early tasks associated with it. WHAT NEXT?

Tips for selecting vendors - The early decisions you make after your house has been burned contribute to how well you will recover. It also determines how much money you will receive for your fire damage insurance claim. VENDOR TIPS

Understanding adjusters - Know the differences when it comes to your CLAIMS.

The payment process - Know the role your insurance company and mortgage lender will play and their IMPACT.